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Permanent Make-Up

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Makeup holds a special place in our hearts. Rather than concealing flaws, we firmly believe that makeup has the power to enhance our best features. It serves as a remarkable tool to define and boost our confidence.

For Whom

Busy people, those with makeup allergies, vision impairment, or scar issues may benefit. It’s also popular for those with thin eyebrows, alopecia, or desiring lip enhancement. Before the procedure, consult a qualified permanent makeup artist or technician to discuss expectations, assess skin type, and consider potential risks and benefits. Patch tests are essential to check for allergies to pigments.

SKIN GLOW Overview


Personally, we adore accentuating our eyes and lashes, and applying lip tints. However, there are times when we lack the time to indulge in these routines. But fret not! At our skin clinic, we offer permanent makeup procedures.

What We do?

During this procedure, we utilize a needle to insert pigments into the dermis layer of the skin, altering its appearance. The common areas of focus include the lips, brows, and eyes, replicating the effects of cosmetics such as lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and brow liner. Now, you might wonder if this is similar to a chemical tattoo. The answer is a resounding no—permanent makeup is an entirely distinct process from conventional chemical tattoos.

The consistency and composition of permanent makeup pigments differ from those used in tattoos. These pigments are predominantly non-resorbable and primarily consist of iron oxide pigments, chosen for their natural color shades.

Is Permanent Make-Up Safe2
Is Permanent Make-Up Safe

Is Permanent Make-Up safe

You may be concerned about the safety aspect. Rest assured, when performed by a qualified medical practitioner or a skilled professional who possesses comprehensive knowledge in this field, permanent makeup is safe and free from complications. It lasts for approximately 2-3 years, so it's crucial to not compromise on the expertise required.

Permanent makeup treatments Gleuhr Offers

Permanent Makeup Microblading


This technique involves creating numerous tiny strokes to mimic the texture of your own eyebrow hair. The procedure entails making small incisions in the eyebrow area and implanting pigment into these incisions. If you prefer a filled-in look without the strokes, we also offer ombre filling. Results can last for one to two years, and subsequent touch-up sessions are recommended.


Lip Micropigmentation

Brighter lips can enhance your smile, but factors like iron and vitamin B12 deficiencies or habits like smoking can lead to lip discoloration. For those seeking effective results in a few sessions, lip micropigmentation is the perfect solution. This procedure involves depositing pigments into your lips using small needles. The pigment color for your initial session is determined by the darkness of your lips, lip pigmentation tends to fade within a year due to sun exposure, frequent lip exfoliation, excessive lip licking, and smoking.


Permanent Eyeliner

Imagine waking up with eyeliner already applied—now it can be a reality at G-LEUHR clinic. We provide classic eyeliner or winged eyeliner as per your preference.


Anti-Acne Re-purifying Programmes

Our re-purifying programmes focus on surface cleaning and sebum secretion control, resulting in oil-free, clear, glowing, moisturized, and matte skin. These programs are tailored to the severity of your acne, and the number of sessions is determined accordingly.


Scalp Micropigmentation

This procedure creates the illusion of fuller hair. Unlike microblading eyebrows, the goal of scalp
micropigmentation (SMP) is not to create hair-like lines but to use tiny, layered dots in varying
shades of black to mimic the shadowy appearance on the scalp. Known as pointillism, this technique
ensures a natural-looking depth and definition. A skilled practitioner will ensure that the dots
resemble real hair follicles and blend seamlessly with your complexion. SMP can be beneficial for
individuals experiencing any form of hair loss.


After each session, you may experience slight bruising or redness, which typically subsides within 4-6 hours. Our doctors provide thorough post-care instructions, and a follow-up visit is scheduled after 15 days to assess the progress and determine any further sessions. One thing we guarantee is the quality of materials and procedures we provide. We strive to give you the natural look you desire, ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

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