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Medicated facials are professional skincare treatments that use medicated or prescription-strength products to address specific skin concerns. and offer targeted solutions for issues like acne, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines, using potent active ingredients.

For Whom

Are typically recommended for all skin types with specific skin concerns or conditions. These facials are often performed by licensed aestheticians or dermatologists and involve the use of targeted skincare products with active ingredients to address particular issues.
Potential Benefits Of Medicated Facials

Potential benefits of medicated facials

Are Medicated Facials Suitable For All Skin Type
Are Medicated Facials Suitable For All Skin Type2

Are Medicated Facials suitable for all skin type?

Medicated facials can be beneficial for various skin types, but it is important to consider individual factors and consult with a skincare professional before undergoing any treatment. The active ingredients in medicated products may have different effects on different skin types, and some individuals may have sensitivities or allergies to certain ingredients. Our trained esthetician or dermatologist assess your skin type and concerns to determine if a medicated facial is suitable for you and customize the treatment accordingly. They will also consider any pre-existing skin conditions or sensitivities you may have to ensure the best possible results and minimize the risk of adverse reactions

How Medicated facials differ from normal facials

Medicated Facials Normal Facials
Medicated or prescription-strength skincare products
Standard skincare products
Higher concentrations of active ingredients
Lower concentrations of active ingredients
Address specific skin concerns (e.g., acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines)
General skin maintenance and relaxation
Treatment Techniques
More intensive techniques like dermabrasion or chemical peels may be used
Basic cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing
Performed by trained professionals in clinical or medical spa settings
Can be performed by estheticians or spa therapists
Customized based on individual skin needs
Not as highly customized
Requires consultation to assess suitability and any sensitivities
Suitable for routine skincare maintenance
Close monitoring during treatment to minimize adverse reactions
Less intensive monitoring
It's always advisable to consult with a skincare professional for specific details and recommendations based on your unique circumstances.

Let's take a closer look at the facials we offer at G-LEUHR clinic

Inspired by the enviable glass-like skin of Koreans, this treatment aims to give you an instant radiant glow. By exfoliating the top layer of the skin with aluminum oxide crystals, followed by the application of a sea algae-based cream, we improve overall skin texture, tone, and appearance. The treatment also involves the use of a sheet mask and lamination with our secret ingredient, resulting in flawless and glowing skin.

Korean Blush

This treatment focuses on achieving smooth and lustrous skin, similar to Russian beauty standards. Instead of aluminum oxide crystals, a spiral tip is used for exfoliation, brightening the skin, unclogging pores, and stimulating collagen production. Our secret ingredient, along with LED therapy, helps penetrate serums and creams to deeper layers of the skin.

Russian Cheeks

Just like a peach blends orange, yellow, and white, this facial aims to restore hydration and youthfulness to your skin. Ideal for those concerned about dullness, breakouts, and dehydrated skin, Peachasm facial utilizes our secret ingredient to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. This treatment is specially designed for sensitive skin types and offers visible results immediately after the session. It effectively addresses various skin concerns while maintaining the skin's hydration levels and reducing sensitivity.


As we age, facial volume diminishes, leading to sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. The Collagen Coaster facial focuses on addressing these concerns. It increases skin cell activity and collagen production to improve sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. The treatment can be customized with or without sharp lifting, depending on your specific skin concerns. Collagen Coaster is a remarkable anti-aging treatment with long-lasting results, helping you age gracefully.

Collagen Coaster

If you struggle with dark spots and pigmentation, our Cosmelan Treatment is an excellent option. This facial incorporates medicated products to increase skin cell turnover and lighten the skin tone. It effectively reduces pigmented lesions and restores glow and hydration. The treatment duration depends on the depth of pigmentation and downtime you can afford. Although the results can be seen within 10 days, strict adherence to post- treatment care and hydration is necessary.

Cosmelan Treatment

WHY CHOOSE Medicated Facials at Gleuhr- Best Skin Clinic in Chandigarh

Targeted Solutions for Specific Skin Concerns

Targeted Solutions for Specific Skin Concerns

At our clinic, we understand that everyone’s skin is unique and requires personalized attention. Gleuhr, best skin clinic and best skin doctors designed medicated facial treatments are designed to address specific skin concerns such as acne, hyper pigmentation, and uneven skin texture. By tailoring the treatment to your needs, we can effectively target and treat your skin concerns, revealing a healthier and more vibrant complexion.
Customized Treatment Plans

Customized Treatment Plans

One size does not fit all when it comes to skincare. That's why our experienced aestheticians will conduct a thorough analysis of your skin and consult with you to understand your concerns, goals, and medical history. Based on this information, they will create a customized treatment plan that utilizes medical-grade products, prescription medications, and advanced techniques. This tailored approach ensures that your skin receives the specific care it needs for optimal results.
Advanced Techniques and Medical-Grade Products

Advanced Techniques and Medical-Grade Products

Our medicated facial treatments harness the power of advanced techniques and medical- grade products that are backed by scientific research and proven results. From state-of-the- art laser therapies to targeted chemical peels and specialized masks, we employ the latest advancements in skincare technology to deliver the best possible outcomes. Our carefully curated selection of medical-grade products ensures that your skin receives the highest quality ingredients and formulations for maximum efficacy.

Visible Results and Enhanced Confidence

The primary goal of our medicated facial treatments is to provide you with visible and lasting results. Whether you're seeking to clear acne, fade hyperpigmentation, minimize scars, or achieve overall skin rejuvenation, our treatments are designed to deliver transformative outcomes. As your skin begins to heal and improve, you'll experience enhanced confidence and a renewed sense of self. Say goodbye to hiding behind makeup and hello to embracing your natural beauty.

Professional Guidance and Long-Term Skincare

When you choose our medicated facial treatments, you're not just receiving a one-time service. Our dedicated team is committed to guiding you on your skincare journey. Our experts will educate you on proper skincare practices, recommend suitable homecare products, and provide valuable tips for maintaining the results achieved through our treatments. We're here to support you every step of the way, helping you achieve and maintain the healthy, glowing skin you deserve.

Consulting Our skincare professional can provide more personalized insights and guidance regarding the potential benefits for your specific skin concerns.

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