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Gleuhr Pigmentation/ Blemish Treatment


Advanced anti-blemish treatments have made significant progress in recent years. One such treatment is pigmentation treatment, which focuses on addressing pigmented lesions and providing noticeable results. Gleuhr Skin Clinic is at the forefront of this treatment and offers a comprehensive approach.

Any Side Effects

It is important to note that the treatment may cause temporary redness. However, as your skin heals, you will experience healthier and more radiant skin. By following the customized treatment plan at Gleuhr Skin Clinic, you can achieve a significant improvement in pigmentation-related concerns.



The number and frequency of these sessions are determined based on your specific skin needs. The initial customization session sets the foundation and provides visible results within 10 days. It is crucial to adhere to the recommended session timings because the treatment depends on your skin cell activity. The skin takes approximately 28 days to form a new layer, and this process changes with age. Therefore, the treatment is tailored to align with your skin's natural cell activity.

The pigmentation treatment in Chandigarh at Gleuhr Skin Clinic

It involves collagen induction treatments, which target the pigmented lesions directly and deliver exceptional results. Unlike common belief that pigmentation has no cure, this treatment aims to understand the root cause of pigmentation and work towards eliminating it. The first step is to identify the underlying cause, followed by a customized treatment plan. The treatment plan includes two crucial factors: a proper diet plan and a skincare routine. The results of the pigmentation treatment largely depend on these two elements. It is maintain them consistently throughout life, as aging brings about various changes in our skin. Regular maintenance is important to sustain the results achieved through the treatment.essential to

Gleuhr Skin Clinic takes pride in providing personalized treatment plans. The sessions involved in the treatment plan are


This session focuses on resurfacing the skin, improving its texture and reducing pigmentation.


Hydrating the skin is an essential step in combating pigmentation. This session ensures the skin remains adequately moisturized.

Collagen Induction

This session stimulates collagen production, which helps in reducing pigmentation and improving overall skin health.


Mesotherapy involves delivering a customized blend of nutrients, vitamins, and other beneficial substances directly into the skin to address pigmentation issues.

Results-driven Solutions

Why Gleuhr for pigmentation

Thorough Consultation

and skin analysis to determine the type and extent of your pigmentation

Customized Treatment

A customized treatment plan that suits your skin type, condition, and goals

Combination of tropicals

products, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser therapy, or light therapy to target and remove the pigmented cells

Follow- Up Session and After Care

instructions to ensure optimal healing and prevention of recurrence

If you are ready to say goodbye to pigmentation and hello to a flawless skin, book an appointment with us today. We are confident that you will love the results of our anti- pigmentation treatment. Contact us now and let us help you achieve your dream skin.

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